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We pride our DPF cleaning service to be ahead of the DPF cleaning industry in getting your vehicle back on the road, to its optimum performance. Also, to give the DPF more life expectancy saving you time and money!!

What Is A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)?

A Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF is a filter designed to collect particles of soot from the exhaust gas of a diesel engine. All diesel vehicles sold as a 2007 model or newer must have a diesel particulate filter installed on them.

Although particulate filters are very effective in dramatically reducing the amount of particulates emitted from diesel vehicles, most filters need to burn the trapped particulates off fairly regularly, known as regeneration.

Why does the DPF need to regenerate?

There are two different types of regeneration strategies when comparing how a DPF works. As long as the vehicle is going faster than 40 mph when the filter gets full, the engine will do an automatic regeneration and burn off the collected particulate. On some retrofit filters, the regeneration strategy is a passive chemical regeneration. The duty cycle for these filters must have exhaust temperature above 575°F for more than 30% of the duty cycle. What is left in the filter is a small amount of soot or ash. If the vehicle sits at idle for long periods, the dash light will come on and alert the driver to perform a manual regeneration. The more ash collected in the filter, the shorter the time intervals between regeneration. As the diesel particulate filter becomes clogged, the diesel engine will begin losing power and as a result fuel economy will suffer. Warning lights will alert the driver of the condition. However, if the driver does not get the filter cleaned, the engine will shut off completely until a cleaning service is performed.

What causes DPF to get blocked?

Typical causes of a blocked DPF can include too many short journeys where the regeneration processes have not initiated. In most cases the blockage is a symptom of another problem such as faulty DPF sensor, incorrect engine oil or a failing turbo

What to do if warning lights are on my dashboard?

If your warning light continues to stay on, turns red, or additional DPF lights come on, do not leave it too long before getting it checked by a specialist. More damage can be caused this way and what could be an inexpensive fix can become something much more expensive.

You can clean blocked DPFs, in a process called forced regeneration but this is found to be a temporary fix and just masks the problem for a period of 2-4 weeks and the same issue will repeat. Failure to correctly fix the issue that is the cause of most diesel particulate filter issues: they become blocked more and more which increases exhaust emissions, stifles engine performance and sometimes even puts the car into a restricted ‘limp-home mode’. On some models the engine may not restart after a number of miles, constantly driving with a blocked DPF can cause further damage to components causing real problems

What are my options rather then replacing my DPF?

If you suspect your DPF s clogged or you have seen your DPF warning light, then you need to act


With our equipment, we offer roadside DPF cleaning to get you on your way again, fast. Whether it be a van or car, our specialist equipment is capable of identifying your DPF’s performance and bringing its levels of soot and matter back down to a clean level. We can even provide you with the before and after results to show you our work that has saved you money in the long term.

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