Mobile DPF Cleaning Services

Are you having problems with your vehicle? Think you could do with a DPF clean? Book your Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning service now and we can meet you at your household or place of work.

  • 10 Years Experience
  • We come to you
  • Covering the Greater London area

No Cutting The DPF


No Welding The DPF


No Breaking The DPF


No Ultrasonic Tank


How DPF Experts Can Help

Our advanced mobile DPF cleaning takes place in just 2 hours along with accurate DPF fault diagnosis.

In short, a DPF clean can increase your vehicle power output, increasing the speed, acceleration and responsiveness. You can also expect boosted fuel efficiency - the potential fuel savings could cover the cost of the cleaning over time! In addition, a clean DPF will continue to serve its purpose which is to reduce harmful emissions, reduce engine noise and resolve MOT emission failures.

Need to clean your DPF before your MOT? Call DPF Experts on 03301289433

Mobile DPF Cleaning Service in the Greater London Area

Covering areas such as Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, London & Greater London, Oxfordshire. Our innovative cleaning techniques are done within 2 hours and with fast and flexible appointments, we can work with you to make sure you aren't without your vehicle at crucial times.

We offer a range of services from Off Car DPF cleaning to Fleet and Business DPF cleaning.


Detailed Diagnostics

Our engineers will perform a detailed diagnostic check to ensure your DPF is running efficiently and notify you of any other potential warnings.


Increased Performance

The back pressure caused by a blocked DPF can drastically reduce the performance. A clean DPF aids engine responsiveness and power.


Increased Fuel Economy

Most of the drivers will see a better fuel economy thanks to a clear DPF. In some cases the fuel savings could exceed the DPF cleaning cost.


Extended Filter Life

By cleaning your current DPF you can dramatically improve it’s lifespan and ultimately prevent the need for a costly replacement DPF.

(DPF) Cleaning

Noticing A Problem With Your DPF?

  • Car in “limp home” safety mode.
  • Poor acceleration and MPG?
  • DPF light on the dash
  • Vehicle stuck in a garage facing an expensive repair cost to replace the DPF filter?
  • Don’t replace have it cleaned.
  • Not sure what to do?
(DPF) Cleaning

Advantages of Mobile Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

Our mobile DPF cleaning services are incredibly convenient for the customer as our mechanics will come to you, and you won't even need to leave your driveway!

  • Detailed DPF diagnostics
  • Increased performance & horsepower
  • Fewer regenerations
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Maximized cleaning intervals
  • Guarantee the maximum removal of soot
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Less downtime
  • Longer DPF life
  • Optimised DPF performance
  • Save on costly repairs

DPF Specialists With Over 10 Years Experience

 With over 10 years of experience, our mechanics are equipped to give the best service possible, whether meeting you at home or your place of work. Not only will our experts efficiently clean your DPF, but they will also run diagnostics to ensure peak performance for your vehicle.

Cleaning your DPF could save you thousands in replacement costs, contact us today to arrange an appointment.

DPF Issues

Having Issues With Your DPF?

  • Car in “limp home” safety mode
  • Poor acceleration and Mpg?
  • Vehicle stuck in a garage facing an expensive repair cost to replace the DPF filter?
  • Not sure what to do?

Our trained technicians can revive your DPF with our cleaning procedure.

Engine management lights

When the engine Lights appears on the dash it will always store with a fault code. On the engines ecu the vehicle will need to be checked for current and present issues, with diagnostics equipment. The engine components also have to be checked with live data readings. When the engines management warning light is present on the vehicles dash, the car will not be able to do an active regeneration to clean the soot inside the DPF and expel it out. This causes the exhaust to block up even more, adding stress on the DPFs internals. This will cause back pressure that’s trying to escape, causing it to head back through to the engine.

Fault codes and meanings

  • P2452 – Particulate Filter Differential pressure sensor malfunction
  • P2463 – Particulate Filter soot accumulation
  • P2455 – Diesel Particulate Filter Differential pressure sensor malfunction
  • P2458 – Particulate Filter regeneration maximum regeneration time exceeded
  • P2459 – Particulate Filter regeneration, regeneration frequency implausible
  • P244A – Particulate Filter Differential pressure too low
  • P244B – Particulate Filter Differential pressure too high

What to do if your car runs into DPF problems

  • 1. Don’t panic, just stop driving the vehicle when safe to do so
  • 2. Call our emergency team on
  • 3. Discuss your options with a member of our team and arrange a call out at a time and place that suits you.
  • 4. Our mobile DPF cleaning experts will bring your DPF back to life and get you back on the road.
Price Plan




  • DPF Health Check
  • Validate DPF Pressure Sensor
  • Forced Regeneration of the DPF
  • Post Diagnostic Check


  • Full DPF Diagnostic Check
  • Validate DPF Pressure Sensor
  • Manual Clean of DPF
  • Post Diagnostic


  • DPF Diagnostic Check
  • Validate DPF Pressure Sensor
  • Engine Oil & Filter Change
  • DPF Clean
  • Post Diagnostics Check


Does DPF Cleaning Work?

Yes! When a DPF is cleaned, it removes any excess soot that is covering the filter, this then leads to decreased fuel consumption, and better vehicle performance and saves you time and money on costly repairs. Check out how DPF cleaning works.

How long does the mobile DPF cleaning process take?

Our experienced mechanics offer a fast and efficient service, with most cleaning times taking no more than a couple of hours.  

Do I need to be present while my DPF is being cleaned?

You don't need to be present during our cleaning process, simply hand over your keys and we will do the rest! If you prefer to be present that is also absolutely fine, our team are happy to answer any questions you may have during the whole process.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

To book an appointment, you can call us on 03301289433, or book an appointment online and a member of our team will give you a callback to arrange.


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